Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Be Loyal to the Royal Within You

Okay, this printable isn't from a talk given this past weekend at General Conference...forgive me? This particular quote has been on my mind a lot lately, and it was from last General Conference, so it's still good stuff. :)

In the October 2011 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sister Elaine S. Dalton gave an amazing talk that touched my husband and I very much. (Click here to read it--you'll want to!) We were just about ready to give birth to our sweet little baby girl, and she spoke about how important fathers are in the raising of daughters. It was beautiful and she was so full of the Spirit when she spoke, and I could feel how much she loved the Savior. One thing she said to the fathers to help encourage them in righteousness was, "Be loyal to the royal within you."

Little did I know, she was quoting a well-known devotional by President Harold B. Lee that he gave to the students at Brigham Young University back in 1973. (Read this talk here!) President Lee, along with Sister Dalton, both had the hope and goal for all of God's children to remember that we are His spirit children and we have divine potential. We need to live up to the opportunities that can be awarded to us if we live our lives in faith.

What choices would we make differently if we remembered that we were "royalty in training?" How much kinder would we be to others? Would we respect our bodies more? Would we be more patient and forgiving? I believe the answer is YES! I want to be loyal to the royal within me.

How can you be loyal to the royal within you?

Download pink here.

Download blue here.

Download grey here.

Download purple here.

Prints also available with Sister Dalton's name, upon request.


  1. When I click on the download pink now nothing happens. I would like to print a few of these for girls camp, they are adorable. Could you email me link?

    1. Morgan, thanks for letting me know. I sent you an email and the links have been updated!

  2. I am super excited to use these for camp...but this may be a silly question...but should Sis. Dalton's name be on it since she said it? :) THANKS!

    1. My post has been updated with links to each of the printables with Sister Dalton's name on it! I'm so happy to hear you are using them for camp. Let me know how it goes and if you need anything else!

  3. Our camp theme is "Once upon a Time" based on the talk by President Uchtdorf. I found these fabulous crown pendants to give to each of my girls and have known this saying for years and thought it would be a perfect accompaniment to my devotional. Thanks for having it all formatted and ready to go :) It will be perfect