Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Freebie Roundup 2012

With only a few days left before Father's Day, some of you may be scrambling to try and find a gift idea for your husband/father/brother/uncle/loved one. Look no further! Below are 9 free printables for you to choose from! Make labels, tags, cards, quote books, framed gifts, or whatever!

Since there are 9 printables, I thought I would share 9 things that I love about my father:

1. He is an extremely hard worker.
2. He taught me to love the scriptures and encouraged me to read the Book of Mormon often.
3. He has the lamest jokes in the world (hence his aforementioned nickname of "King Dumb").
4. He always told me the story of how he met and fell in love with my mom and it made me cry.
5. He spoils me rotten.
6. He taught me that I should always seek to be better than I am.
7. He is selfless and will give anything to anyone in need.
8. He knows the Church is true and will never back down on his beliefs.
9. He listens to and teaches and loves everyone.

What are 9 things you love about your dad? (This question is good prep for can share these things with him!)


  1. Love those! I have a free set of Father's Day printables at: Hope you like them!

    1. Your Father's Day party pack is awesome. I love chevron! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love all of them. Thanks so much for sharing!