Friday, June 1, 2012

More Father's Day Printables

It's June...where did May go?? We only have a few weeks left until Father's Day, and I'm sure your email inbox is being flooded by ads for Father's Day specials. Here's a Father's Day special for you and your kids that is affordable: more free printables! There are two different versions today, and feel free to use both!

You can put them in a frame, shrink them and make them into a greeting card, paste them onto a jar of candy...your options are limitless! (Make sure to check out more free Father's Day printables here and here!)

My dad worked full time and went to school full time when I was a little girl, so I didn't get to see him very often. I always loved the Primary song "Daddy's Homecoming" (which I always refer to as "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home") because that's really how I felt! I couldn't wait to see my dad and play with him and give him big kisses. My father has been a very important part of my conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ and I wouldn't have the love for the scriptures that I have without him.

Sometimes I sing "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" with my daughter when my hubby gets home from school, even though she's too young to sing along. I hope someday she does it on her own and really recognizes how wonderful her daddy is.

Do you sing this song with your kids, or did you sing it to your dad?

Download above image here.

Download above image here.

For a printable greeting card of the white version, check out the "I Dig Pinterest" blog! LDS Printables was featured! Click here to go to the link. While you are there, make sure to visit some of Christine's really cool DIY projects!

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