Sunday, April 7, 2013

Renewed Zeal - Saturday General Conference Highlights

I just love the messages that were shared at General Conference yesterday. (Did you miss it? Click here to catch up! Click here to watch live today.) I am always inspired by the unique ways that our leaders teach us principles that we have heard so many times. Their messages strengthened my testimony that God knows His children and reveals His will to His leaders.

One of the talks that got me thinking the most was Russell M. Nelson's: "Catch the Wave." So catchy! I love the reminder that all members are supposed to be doing missionary work and that it is exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding. It is so easy to get discouraged about missionary work, finding people to teach, or sharing our testimonies, but if we remember that we will find great joy in sharing the gospel, we don't have to fear the "wave." I definitely need to be a better member missionary!

Keep checking back to this page--I'll be adding more quotes from Saturday's sessions as I complete them.

Also, check out the printable messages from Sunday's sessions here!!

What message inspired you the most from Saturday's General Conference sessions? Why?

Download "Catch the Wave" here.

Download "Act Well" here.

Download "True Friendship" here.

 Download "Lord's Side" here.

 Download "Righteous Mother" here.

Download "She Understood" here.


  1. I just love your website! Thanks for all you do to help us remember the words of our modern day prophets! My favorite quote actually came out of talk from the priesthood session that I listened to this morning. It was by Brother Beck--"Ministering is not just something we do, it defines who we are." Love that!!!

  2. Love these!
    Just used the 'whose she was' in my latest post //

    just love

  3. I pinned them earlier and now I'm going to print one of them for the sisters I visit teach. I love the modern take on "act well thy part". These are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Can you please tell me the text name for the WAVE on the Catch the Wave printable? I am trying to make shirts for girls camp and this is our theme.

    1. Hi! I have looked and looked but I can't locate the original font I used. My older original files and fonts are no longer on my computer. I am sorry I couldn't help you out! Have fun at girl's camp!