Friday, April 12, 2013

Stand Ye in Holy Places - Permaneced en lugares santos

I have seen so many BEAUTIFUL printables all over the Internet for the 2013 LDS Youth theme "Stand Ye in Holy Places, and Be Not Moved." I wasn't planning on making one for LDS Printables, but I received a request from a follower asking if I could do one in Spanish. I searched the web and didn't find any printables of the theme done in Spanish, so I thought I would create one for my Spanish-speaking friends. And since I was at it, I threw together an English version too.

I am thrilled that I got a chance to ponder on this message for awhile. There is a song by Jenny Jordan Frogley called "Stand in Holy Places" that I have always loved, and instantly thought of the song as I thought of the theme. I listened to this gorgeous song at least 1,000 times on my mission, and it never ceased to give me the chills and fill me with the Spirit. (Listen and see the lyrics on this YouTube video here!) The song inspires me to think about where my feet and heart are--am I standing in holy places at all times? Am I safe from the evils of the world? Do I set an example of holiness and faith to the people around me? Do I place my trust in my Captain, my Savior?

I love that the Church works so much to inspire and teach the youth. (Check out the Church's youth site here to see and learn more.) I have three teenage siblings, and I am so happy to know that they are learning now to avoid temptation and to serve God. I hope that my children will learn truth and righteousness from this valiant generation of youth being taught now. I pray that the youth of the Church will prepare themselves for the temple and for missions and for eternal families.

How are you striving to "stand in holy places?"

Descargar la versión rosa aquí.

Descargar la versión azul aquí.

Descargar la versión amarillo aquí. 

Download pink version here.

Download blue version here.

Download yellow version here


  1. I LOVE this one!! Will you please add the same thing but with the word holy in yellow? Thank you!

  2. thank you for all you do but ill be SO thankfull if you upload more printables in spanish! :) and for young women....please?