Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Love the Young Women Values

I've been pondering how/when to share today's printables for some time now. I prayed about them a lot. I wanted designs that were clean, vintage, beautiful, and simple, and wanted them to be used by the young women of the Church. I hope I have achieved that with these prints. I have sought lots of feedback on them and I usually don't do that with my designs--I typically just post them as they are.

However, the Young Women theme and values are very important to me, and I think they are crucial to the success of our youth. My baby sister is visiting with me this week, and she is a Beehive now. I have spoken to her about the values and about how they are being taught to her to protect her and provide her a path to happiness. She is innocent, pure, and faithful, and I hope she continues to live a virtuous life. She KNOWS that she is a daughter of God.

I wish I had paid more attention to the theme and values when I was a youth. I sure would have avoided a lot of heartache. I stand with the leaders of the Church in pleading with the young women of the world to be refined, virtuous, modest, and faithful. Take it from someone who has not always been those things--it is never worth it to leave the path that Christ has set. Never.

I am so grateful for the Young Women leaders and the program and how their purpose is to help me prepare my daughters to have testimonies of Christ, serve missions, enter the temple, and someday be sealed for eternity.

I hope the young women and their leaders find these printables to be a helpful resource in teaching and learning the doctrines and values given by the Savior through our living prophets. I have created value circles (can be cupcake toppers also), bookmarks, individual values, and 3 different themes, all with either a gray or white background.

How have the Young Women values or motto helped you in your life?

All Young Women prints are available to download in PDF format here

(All of the PDF files are freakishly large for some reason and won't show a preview in Google Docs, but they should download just fine, even if you see an "error" message. If it still won't work for you, click here to access the files via Dropbox. Please email me if you have any problems.)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. These are absolutely beautiful.

  2. So lovely!
    We're using these for YWIE.
    Thank you.

  3. These are so great and go perfectly with my decorations for Young Women in Excellence. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! there is any chance that you have it in spanish?...

  5. these are absolutely beautiful and exactly what i was looking for putting up in our YW room. thank you for your testimony and the love and effort you put into these!