Thursday, August 15, 2013

Modesty in Dress and Action

Have you heard about the new dress standards for full-time missionaries? It is so exciting. Not much has changed for the elders, but the sisters now are being encouraged to dress in bright colors and patterns. I am so jealous! When I served my mission, we still had to wear nylons and plain/simple clothes, with skirts that came mid-calf. I still wore some bright colors, but patterns weren't encouraged or always acceptable.

I'm so happy for the sisters. Missionary clothing shopping is going to be so much easier for them than it was for me!

In regards to the changes in dress for the sisters, President Thomas S. Monson said, "You can dress attractively without being immodest. Within the Lord’s guidelines, there is room for you to be lively, vibrant, and beautiful both in your dress and in your actions."

I love this statement, and I think it is wise counsel for all women, LDS or not. God wants us to show our beauty, but he wants us to show respect to our bodies. We do not dress modestly because our bodies are bad, but we dress modestly because our bodies are gorgeous and wonderful. I also love that he implies that we can be modest in our actions. We do not need to seek attention or the world's approval, whether it be in person or on social media.

I have been a happier, more confident person since I committed as a young woman to dress modestly, and I have been able to feel the Spirit more abundantly. I am grateful for a living prophet who helps us to understand how God wants us to live in these troubled times and how to avoid the temptations of the world.

How has dressing modestly blessed your life?

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  1. Dressing modestly is important! In my seminary class, my teacher was quoting something like: 'If you dress immodestly, it will only attract pigs, not men. Expect to get dirty.' That's so true. If someone dresses immodestly, that person becomes like an object.

    Thanks for sharing that! :D