Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rise and Shout

I am really excited about this new printable. The inspiration came to me this morning as I got things done (including making the famous BYU mint brownies with my mom...yum...), eagerly awaiting tonight's big game against Texas. I saw my dad singing the Cougar fight song with my baby boy (who is dressed in his Cougar blues!), and I envisioned this fun print for my fellow BYU fans. My younger sister had her room decorated with BYU prints, and I thought this would have fit perfectly in her room. 

Rise and shout! The Cougars are out!

Here is my attempt at a scriptural application for this non-religious print: There are many things that we need to "rise and shout" about in our lives. We need to rise and shout that our God sent His Son to the earth to atone for our sins. We can rise and shout because we are saved from spiritual death, and we can return to live with God again someday in families. We should rise and shout because miracles happen every day.

Let's hope for a miracle for tonight's game...we need it! :)

What is something you want to "rise and shout" about today?

Also, for any of my followers and readers who are interested, I have started a second website and Etsy shop called See Nikki Create. The purpose of the site is to have a place to share my printables that are customized for individuals, some printable requests by my friends or followers, or prints that don't necessarily fit with the purpose of LDS Printables. Feel free to check it out, and look at the freebies and my Etsy shop. If you are interested in customized prints or invitations, be sure to email me through my See Nikki Create site.

This other BYU print below is available free on See Nikki Create here. Thanks again for all of your support, suggestions, and wonderful comments/emails!

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