Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday Session Highlights - General Conference 2013

I took away so many different things from conference this weekend, and I know I have much more to learn as I re-watch and study the messages that were shared. My husband and I sat and talked tonight about what we learned and about how we can improve our lives, and we couldn't stop at just one or two things! We realize that, even though we are trying hard to live the gospel each day, we can try a little harder and do more to share the gospel and be righteous.

Here are a few quotes that I felt strongly about from the Sunday sessions (again, keep watching for more to come!):

"Shall I falter or shall I finish?" - Thomas S. Monson

"There is joy guaranteed for the faithful." - Henry B. Eyring

"Stellar spirits are often housed in imperfect bodies." - Russell M. Nelson

This last one stood out to me in particular because I have a younger brother with Down syndrome. I have always had a strong connection with him, and I know he has a very strong and stellar spirit. He can't share his thoughts, feelings, or testimony with me because of his physical limits, but I know that someday I will be able to communicate with him in his perfect form and he will be even more amazing than I already think he is. My brother is an incredible friend, a loyal sibling, and the best and silliest uncle.

Check out the free printables from the Saturday sessions here.

What were your favorite messages from the Sunday sessions?

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