Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just In Time For Christmas - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

My, oh my, how the month has flown. It is nearly halfway over, and Christmas is a mere 11 days away. I am entirely unprepared in the temporal matters (I still haven't hung up my 7 boxes of Christmas lights around the house or bought all of the gifts I intend to give to my children), but my heart is full and prepared in spiritual matters.

My children happily play with their nativity set as I reflect upon the glorious hope that Christ brings to our hearts during the Christmas season. His love brings warmth during the coldest time of year, and joy can be felt as we look at the snow falling (watching the Weather Channel counts if you don't have snow locally, haha), visit with family and friends, read the Biblical account of Christ's birth, and sing Christmas carols.

One of my favorite carols is, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." I love the way it reminds us of the glory of the Son of God. His birth was so important that a host of angels sang glory and praise to His name. Christ truly was born in Bethlehem.

May you have peace in your heart this Christmas season as you prepare your spiritual self for the wonder and awe of the birth of the Savior. And I'm sure most of you have decorated and done your visiting teaching...but if you haven''s a free printable that you can quickly print up and share or hang up!

Merry Christmas!

Download here.

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