Sunday, March 30, 2014

All About Easter

Easter is coming in the middle of all of my life craziness: my husband graduates from college, we are going on our honeymoon (finally--we've been married for over three years and have 2.5 kids...), and we are moving across the country for the summer, so before all of the above happens, we have to be moved out of our rental and have everything cleaned. We are in for a lot of busy happiness!

I want to start to celebrate Easter NOW so that I am not too overwhelmed on Easter Sunday to truly worship my Savior. It is He that we celebrate on Easter; not a bunny, not an egg hunt, not decorations or candy or baskets; we joy in Christ the Lord.

Easter to me is about the atonement. It is about the resurrection. It is about the love that one divine Man had for me and for my fellow mankind--the love that was so strong and so powerful that it overcame death itself. Easter is a day to extend our gratitude to the One who gave it all.

I am so grateful for Christ and for His sacrifice for us. I know that He lives, and that we all will live again because of His resurrection. I am glad that as Christians we celebrate Him on Easter and have the chance to be more like Him and recommit ourselves to following His teachings.

(Having said all this, I still plan to do an Easter egg hunt and Easter baskets for my kids, but I will do those things on the day before Easter, not on Easter Sunday. What kind of LDS trinkets or things do you put in your kids' Easter baskets?? I need ideas!)

Have a wonderful Easter, and enjoy these two Easter subway art prints!
How do you and your family remember to keep Christ as the focus on Easter?

Download above version here.

Download above version here.

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