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I'm having some trouble with the system I have previously used to update my printable gallery, so hang tight! I will hopefully have all of my prints updated soon. In the meantime, you can go to my LDS Printables board on Pinterest and see everything there. Just click the "P" icon on the banner in my header and it'll zip ya right over. Thanks for your patience!

Right v. Wrong

Don't Judge Me

*Stop It

*Family Time

I'm a Mormon


Love is Loyalty

Lower Lights

Catch the Wave

Act Well Thy Part

True Friendship

The Lord's Side

She Understood

*Begin Right Now

A Child Who Sings

God's Light is Real

Come and See

Righteous Mother

Power of Priesthood

Never Be One

Follow Christ

Reach Your Goals

*Touch the Temple

*The Future is Bright

*Be Loyal

Marriage is Special

The Power to Change

Testimony of Truth

Trials are Necessary

Problems v. People

No Obstacle

What You Most Want

Find Real Happiness

Time, Talents, Future

True Love Blooms

Joy Cometh

*Give Place No More

*The Worth of Souls

Come to the Temple

Receive the Promise

I Will Go

Build on the Rock

*New Creature

*House of Prayer

Be Not Weary

Perfect Love

Christ Will Suffer

The Savior's Hope

Temporal v. Eternal

Wisdom and Kindness

*Holy Places

You Are Princesses

*Be Different

6 Be's

Reaction to Adversity

*YW Theme/Values


I Stand All Amazed

Love One Another

My Redeemer Lives

*We Thank Thee

Prophet's Voice

I Believe in Christ

*Child of God

Lower Lights

Love At Home

Love is Spoken Here

Mother Dear

*Daddy Comes

I Heard the Bells

Joy to the World

Pray, He is There

*Child of God (2)

RS Motto

Charity Never Faileth

*Striped Love

Love At Home

Love is Spoken Here

ABC Love

Perfect Love

Motherhood is Holy

Remember Mother

Walking Miracle

Mother Dear

Righteous Mother

Influence for Good

Mother's Influence

*Dear Mother

Father's Calling

*Daddy Comes

Daddy is My Hero

*Ways to Say Dad

Guardians of Virtue

Blue Love

Wrapped Around

Favorite Pal

Best Father Ever


Fathers Are Special

Choice Land

*Honor Freedom

God Bless America

4th Party Printables

*Power to Work

I Heard the Bells

Peace on Earth

Reason for Season

Gift of Love

Joy to the World

True Love

*Pink Christmas

The King is Born


*Lugares Santos

Iré Yo

Sean Inteligentes

Son Princesas

Seguir a Cristo

*Hijo de Dios



If You Judge

Be Kind Anyway

Hidden in Christ

Stand For Something

The Devil's Lie

*Eternal Perspective

*Figlio di Dio


*Filho de Deus


Dreams Come True

*Keep Calm

*Go Cougars!

Alphabet Love

I Love Spring

I Love Summer

Sweet Summer Party


  1. Thank You for all these amazing printables!!!!!

  2. I love your printables! thank you so much for them!! I was wonderind if you would consider doing an "I'M a child of GOD" in portuguese. I'm Primary president in São Paulo, Brazil, and I would love to use your beautiful print on the cover of a note book and give to all the childrem so they can always remember who they are. In Portuguese it would be "Sou um filho de Deus" a lot like Spanish. Thank you for your time!!

    1. Izabel, thank you for visiting LDS Printables all the way from Brazil! Isn't the Internet such a blessing? I have the Portuguese version up on the printable gallery now under "Other Languages" and all 6 are available for download there! Please feel free to email me if you have any problems and let me know how it goes with your Primary kids!

  3. Hi! You are amazingly talented. Thank you for sharing these with us. I'm just wondering if you have any baptism or missionary printables planned. It's getting that time for my son and my little brother and it would be so great if I had something for gifts!

    1. Thank you so much! I do have some missionary printables planned, and I have been thinking about some baptism ones. Do you have any suggestions of quotes or sayings that you would like? I'd love some more ideas! Email them to me at ldsprintables@gmail and I'll get some up soon!

  4. This site is amazing!!!love all of these!! Do you happen to have one about service??

    1. Thank you very much! I'm so glad you like them! I don't have any specific service printables made up yet. Any suggestions on scriptures/quotes that you would like to see?

  5. Thank you so much for these! I am planning on printing a few out to bring on my mission with me to decorate/inspire! The only problem is that I don't have enough ink for them all! ;)

  6. These are wonderful! I have a feeling my husband is going to come home to a house full of printables. :) Thank you so much for these!!

    P.S. If you happen to be looking for new ideas I would LOVE a "Families can be together forever" printable.

  7. THANK YOU!! These are perfect for my primary lesson this week!! I was wondering, have you ever done that quote from Pres. Uchdortf's talk on creation? I can't remember the exact words but something about being a daughter of a creator and that we have within us the seeds of creation?

  8. Muchas gracias!!!
    es un trabajo espectacular, y muy lindo, tienen idea maravillosas.
    Que el Señor les siga bendiciendo con lo mejor de lo mejor.

  9. Love your work! Thanks so much for sharing. Would you consider doing some quotes in black only so they could be printed on scrapbook paper?

    1. Joy, thank you! I would definitely be able to do that. Do you have a few that you would like in black and white specifically?

    2. I like them all. There is no way to choose a favorite, but I do like the words of the prophets, and the scriptures, oh, and the songs. I just like them all:>

  10. I was searching Pinterest and Google images for LDS quotes, but once I found this I have no need to look further! What talent you have. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Do you have printables available as four to a page so I can make small notecards? Thank you so much for your efforts.

    1. I actually do not have them available for download in that format. However, many computers have a print option that allows you to print 4 images to a page. Each image should be able to be shrunk down with no problems! I have had readers tell me they have printed them smaller. Good luck! Thank you for your kindness!

  12. Can you let me know how much you would charge to do a Families are Forever with the temple to fit in small keychains?

    1. Hi Jocelyn, if you go to this link: it will give you all the info you need! I usually get orders out within a day or two. I hope to help you out! Thanks for your support!

  13. I wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring art work. Thank you for providing it for FREE! so that even with our small budget my family can enjoy these beautiful messages. What a blessing it is to adorn our homes with these words. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

  14. Thank you so very much for sharing such a beautiful talent that you have, I'm sure God will keep you blessing you.

  15. Thanks for these amazing printables, blessing for you and your family

  16. Thank you so much for these amazing printables these are beautiful and our girls will love them!

  17. Thank you for these beautiful printables!

  18. Dear Nikki,
    I am making 2 little books for some friends for our 'conference club' (we meet once each month and talk all about conference- very fun!) I was searching around for some conference quotes and I found your wonderful website; thank you so much!!! I also LOVE your I am a child of God ones, I have printed some off to stick onto my kids 2016 scripture study journel's they are going to LOVE them.
    Thank you again and God bless you with a beautiful Christmas
    Georgina xo

  19. I just wanted to say a quick "Thank You"!!!!! I used the printables for our activity days girls; they put them on blocks. We have several girls that are not active (or even members) that come to our activities, and every single girl loved these quotes. Thank you so much for shrink your amazing talents!!! I truly appreciate it!!!!